Lake Cycling


Innovation & Excellence
The drive to constantly challenge ourselves I know, we’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again; here at Lake, we’ve been designing and creating some of the most comfortable high performance cycling shoes in the world, for over 40 years....
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Finding your Fit with Lake
The cycling shoe brand for all riders Shoes are interesting – especially to us here at Lake. As we walk that path through life – or ride through – we use a variety of shoes for the many different aspects...
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Action stations... it’s time for the Tour
Winning & Losing with Marginal Gains It’s that time of year again, when national champions have been crowned across road disciplines, one grand tour – the Giro – is already completed, and we’re literally days away from the start of...
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Looking after and cleaning wet cycling shoes
It's an inherent hazard of cycling that, at some point, either by weather or sweating, your cycling shoes will get wet or damp. This is especially so for off-road shoes for gravel and mountain bike, as riders will frequently be...
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