Christmas Gift Ideas for Cyclists

Christmas Gift Ideas for Cyclists

Last minute gift ideas, from Lake

As Christmas is fast approaching, there’s always those important last-minute gifts needed for family and friends. Here at Lake, we’ve got some great ideas for you this year; from the warmest and most comfortable cycling shoe insoles to our high-quality cycling socks, and a cleaning kit to help you to keep your Lake cycling shoes in perfect condition, there’s a gift idea for everyone. 

Winter Insoles


Lake Winter Insoles

Nobody likes cold feet – admit it. If there’s a solution to stopping the cold from adversely affecting our ride, then we’ll take it; which is why we’ve developed our Lake winter insole. It’s a layered package, which creates an insulating barrier that keeps the heat generated by your body inside the shoe and the cold from entering the shoe from the bottom. The outer felt layers wick away moisture and keep the foot feeling dry, and a second radiant reflective layer helps keep heat and cold from transferring through. Finally, the inner core of air pockets creates an insulating barrier, so that the heat or cold cannot be conducted. The result is warmer and more comfortable feet for you, the cyclist. They’re also super-easy to fit. Take your usual insoles, lay across the top, draw around and cut to fit – voila.  You’ll ride post-Christmas with the warmest of cycling feet, wrapped in the most comfortable cycling shoes in the world.

Colour BOA Dials to add Cycling Vibe

Whatever model of shoe that you have from the extensive Lake cycling shoe range, you can get coloured BOA dials to match your style and cycling kit or bike! Yes, our replacement BOA dials come in 5 colour options and will spice up your cycling shoes. Replacement Kit includes: 1 pair of colour dials (1 Left & 1 Right), 2 replacement CS1 laces and 1 BOA tool. Shoes requiring 4 dials in total, will require two replacement kits. If you want to give something different this Christmas, then add some colour to your partners cycling style with Lake and BOA!

Winter Socks

Lake Winter Cycling Socks

Our winter cycling socks are made to the same high standards as our cycling shoes, giving you the most comfortable cycling experience in the world. They’re a great small gift idea for Christmas or any time and are the ideal partner for our winter insoles.  They’re made with PrimaLoft® for superior wicking, which transfers moisture away from the skin and pushes it out, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. PrimaLoft® yarn is engineered with fine fibres that are half the size of typical cashmere fibres, resulting in an ultra-fine, super-soft yarn. There’s a reinforced toe and heel too, for added comfort, longer product life, and increased insulation.

Leather Care Kit

Leather Shoe Care Kit

Everything lasts longer if you treat it with care, and that includes the world’s best cycling shoes. Our leather cycling shoes need to be cleaned and looked after, to maximise performance and longivity. Why not treat your family and friends to our leather claning kit.

Our five piece essential Leather shoe care kit for protecting, maintaining & cleaning your Leather Lake Cycling shoes includes the following: Pecard Leather Lotion for basic maintenance for Action Leather, Kangaroo & Full-grain Leather. (not usable on Suede Leather); Pecard Shoe Oil for conditioning & weather-proofing Kangaroo & Full-grain Leather. (not usable on Action Leather or Suede Leather); Pecard Leather Dressing for protecting, restoring & weather-proofing Kangaroo & Full-grain Leather. (not usable on Action Leather or Suede Leather) ; Applicator cloth; Cleaning brush. It’s the perfect stocking filler for cyclists and will help you to keep riding in our legendary Lake comfort!

We know that Christmas can be a stressful time of year, and that includes thrying to find the perfect gift for people. Let Lake help you out, with this small selection of stocking filler ideas, that each add something special to your cycling. Have a truly wonderful Christmas time, with family and friends, and ride safe on those winter roads. Whevever you are in the global cycling village, have a very Merry Christmas, from all of us here at Lake Cycling!

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