Cyclocross season in full swing

Cyclocross season in full swing

Is this the most demanding of cycle sports

The Cyclocross season is in full swing, and the usual names are coming to the fore. With the sport seeing a resurgence across the world, it’s easy to forget to that it never went away in Belgium, Holland and France – the heart bed of this most demanding of cycle sports. Yes, the courses are tough and unrelenting on a cold and wet winters day, and then you’ve got the proximity of the crowds and nowhere to hide from them, as they yell support or simply yell at the riders. Your body is going through physical torture, and your mind is telling you that the best thing to do is to rest – but, as a competitor, your heart is telling you to grind on through the mud, sweat and tears and try to win.

It’s a cycling sport that defines the rider's characters, and which can be a launch pad and development for greater things to come, as riders move on to the World Tour peloton. Riders such as Pidcock, Van Art and Van der Poel use cyclocross to stay ahead of the pack. It gives riders awesome stamina, exceptional handling, and mental toughness that is unequalled when the chips are down – or when the mud is flying.

Finding the right cyclocross shoe

Cyclocross is a somewhat niche cycling sport, and it requires a shoe that will serve you well in different conditions. There’s a lot of foot movement involved, and you need the sole to add grip and stability – both on and off the bike. It can be a mud fest and the sole needs to deal with these conditions. Ultimately too, the cyclocross season is short, and we recognise that cost is also an indicator for many riders.

MX177 Off-Road Shoe

Thankfully, across the Lake cycling shoe range, we’ve got some great options for you. Starting things off, there’s our MX177 off-road shoe, which is built on our world-renowned MX Sport last. It’s a shoe that offers incredible performance, stability and all-day comfort in an extremely durable and budget-friendly design. Th MX Sport last features a larger, roomier toe-box than our Comfort last, while providing much needed increased foot control through the heel & saddle of the foot. The resulting fit is designed for aggressive riding while remaining comfortable to wear all day. It’s an ideal cyclocross shoe for those riders who need that balance between performance, comfort and price-point. Feature for feature, no other shoe can be compared to the MX177 in the same category.

MX238 Off-Road Shoe

Designed on our MX Competition last, the MX238 is a step up from the MX177, and features a larger toe box & tighter heel than the Comfort last and with slightly more overall volume than the Sport last. It’s designed to be exceptionally secure for hard riding/racing, and with enough room in the toe box to prevent binding when running up inclines or negotiating a hike-a-bike section – those obvious cyclocross course challenges. In terms of the uppers, you’ve got a choice; Aramid protection and Helcor abrasion resistant leather panels are specifically designed to be extremely durable against rubbing, scrapes and scuffing. Another option is Ecco full grain leather (Black/Black) or Clarino Microfiber (Strong Blue/Black), with mesh, helping to make this Lake's most comfortable shoe yet. Over time, the sleek, supple, and form fitting upper will match your foot like nothing else.

Cyclocross is a great winter activity for building stamina and bike control, and it’s fun too. It challenges you in a way that no other cycling discipline can. That’s why you need the right footwear - because your feet will be challenged as much as your head. Take a look at Lake this winter, and we’ll see you through the course – from start to finish, in legendary Lake comfort and performance.

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