Let’s Celebrate Life Together in 2024

For too many people, 2023 has been another year of struggles and that’s something that we’re acutely aware of here at Lake Cycling. Across the global village, we continue to see people suffering conflict, loss, poverty, homelessness and personal tragedy in too many places.  Riding a bike, however simple an activity that may seem, is something that we all take for granted; and yet, when we break down that simple action, it holds so much meaning in the freedoms that we enjoy – the freedom to live life without fear and without the threat of poverty or conflict. 

We owe it to ourselves to make sure that we maximise the freedoms that we enjoy. Not only in 2024, as this New Year begins, but into the longer-term future. New Year should be a new beginning, for everyone. And so, let’s celebrate our lives and reflect on those of others as 2024 begins.

Being Kind is Free

One message that I was given many years was this: ‘it’s free to be nice, and the whole world smiles just that little bit more.’ It’s probably one of the best pieces of advice that we can give to anyone. Doing small deeds for others and showing a natural altruism can improve somebody’s day immeasurably. Contacting that friend from many years ago, and inviting them out on a ride, or to meet to coffee. Asking your cycling buddies how they are; all small things that give that most important of gifts – time. 

If Christmas and the New Year is a time of goodwill and love, then we can reflect on our circumstances and maybe just see that our problems and disputes are minimal compared to those families who move into the New Year surrounded by tragedy and separated from those they love. Let’s all start the New Year off by being positive and grateful for our lives, and for the lives of those we care about, and families everywhere.

Enjoy the Freedom of Cycling

Cycling isn’t just an activity, it’s a way of life. It allows us to recharge our souls, as we explore the beautiful world around us and yes, explore ourselves. Whether we ride on the roads or on the trails, we find new places and new adventures, and we create new memories that add life to our years – yes, cycling allows us the opportunity to truly live. Watching the news reels on occasions, in some of the most troubled areas of the world, seeing a cyclist is a sight that brings a sense of joy. That rider is in so many ways so inspiring; for despite their circumstances, the simple bicycle is bringing them a sense of joy amidst chaos. 

We’ve written recently about a few ideas for cycling trips in 2024, giving you some suggestions – and why not. There are 86400 seconds in each day, and we get to use these in any way that we choose to. So yes, create that bucket list and check that bank account, and book that cycling holiday to somewhere that you’ve dreamt of traveling to for too many years. Tomorrow isn’t just the 2nd of January 2024 – it's the first day of the rest of your lives, and only you have full control of your destiny. Celebrate life, love and freedom, and ride your bike to far flung places, and explore hidden trails and remote villages, and sit a while and contemplate life and the sheer majestic beauty of our world, when we all put kindness and love at the centre. 

Be inspired to be your best version

Whoever you are, and wherever you are living, be inspired by the scenes of others around the world to be the best version of yourself. Give that most precious gift of time to those you love and to yourself. Make that call that you’ve been putting off, and book that trip that you’ve always wanted to do, and ride into adventure in 2024. We live in a chaotic and often confusing world. A world where too often, too many tears are being shed by too many families. Let’s add some positivity to the world and do all we can to spread love and kindness and forgiveness. After all, on the spectrum of history, our time on this beautiful planet is limited, so don’t limit yourself or your dreams.

From all of us here at Lake Cycling Shoes, have a truly wonderful New Year, and may it be filled with love and kindness and happiness in 2024 and beyond – and filled with lots of cycling adventures, of course! Have a truly special New Year!

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