Lake Winter Boots – Tackling the Cold, Feet First

Lake Winter Boots – Tackling the Cold, Feet First

‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!’


As Bing Crosby sang: ‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!’ Yes, winter is here finally, and many places already have a rush of the white stuff, and elsewhere it’s cold and maybe even damp. It’s that kind of weather that requires a spectrum of choices for your cycling feet, to keep them warm and dry. Thankfully, here at Lake Cycling, we’ve got some of the very best winter cycling footwear in the world – it's in our heritage.

Yes, as cycling shoe experts, we can guide customers towards the very best product for their own style of riding this winter. Whether you're a cycle commuter, looking for something that allows you to stay dry and comfortable, an avid mountain biker who want to stay on the trails, or a keen road cyclist wanting to keep up the winter miles, here at Lake we have something that supports your own style and needs – and your unique feet. Let’s guide you through some of the options in the Lake winter cycling footwear range this season. And, with Christmas around the corner, what better way to celebrate than by giving the gift of comfort this Christmas!

Designed for Adventure & Action – The Lake MX/CX 146

Whether you’re simply commuting or training, the technical design of the lake CX/MX146 ensures that we continue to wrap your cycling feet in our legendary comfort, maximising your ride time outdoors and keeping you good to go on the tarmac and trails.

The upper of the boot features a softshell fabric, along with a water-resistant Clarino microfiber, Thinsulate 200gr insulation and a waterproof membrane, all working together to make this a highly water-resistant cycling shoe that performs superbly in a variety of conditions. The Clarino microfiber upper gives you a cycling boot that’s super durable and with the suppleness found in leather, with the added benefit of a significant weight reduction. We’ve also built our Lake CX/ MX146 on our Sport last, which is shaped to cradle the foot securely, ensuring that there’s no unwanted movement and helping to reduce numbness and hot spots. The resulting fit is designed for aggressive riding while remaining comfortable to wear all day, wherever you are – on tarmac or trail.

We’ve also given the CX/ MX146 a conforming cuff, that wraps over at the front and helps to seal up the boot to keep debris and the cold out.  Yes, we believe that it’s the ideal cycling boot for commuters, couriers, adventure cyclists & anyone else who wears their cycling shoes for long periods of time and likes to ride outside when the temperature drops, and dampness hits the air. Finally, this well-thought-out colder weather cycling boot also comes with a BOA® Fit System M4 dial, designed for using whilst wearing gloves, and for those colder days and freezing temperatures, making it easy to get on and off.

A Boot for the Commute – the MX120

The MXZ120 is our first winter model built on our Comfort Plus Last. This classic hiker styled boot is SPD compatible, water resistant, warm, and breathable. The semi-flexible nylon sole allows for equal comfort on or off the bike and the natural foot shaped toe box provides plenty of space for your favourite winter socks. When cyclists are looking for a boot that they can ride into the office and walk to get their coffee, then this is the boot for them. It has a full grain, water resistant leather with Helcor abrasion and water-resistant protection panels. It’s also lined with Outlast temperature regulating material and Thinsulate insulation, meaning that your cycling feet are kept warm too. Best of all, once the weekend comes, it’s also ideal for those off-days days of chill-time, on the gravel bike and trails.

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Creating Comfort in the Harshest Conditions – MXZ 304

Our Lake Cycling MXZ 304 is created around a unique boot shape, which allows for us to trap warm air - the best insulator for any type of footwear. The MXZ304 continues to be the top winter specific cycling shoe of choice, and there’s a good reason for this. It combines all our knowledge and experience from over 40 years of looking after your feet, to bring you a boot that can cope with everything. This rugged and tough off-road expedition boot is made from the finest materials, having a ECCO & Helcor leather upper to maximise durability, breathability and water resistance. The 304 also has an Outlast temperature regulating liner, 3M Thinsulate insulation, and a Thermosol composite insulated insole, to help to keep your feet warm, comfortable and ready to ride.

The high-quality, top of the range Vibram sole also means that cyclists will be sure footed and safe off the bike, as well as when they're pedalling those cold winter miles. It has unparalleled grip on any surface, hiking and biking. The rugged and tough upper has a strong and durable fabric around the ankle cuff, wrapping over each other and locking the feet in warmth, as the BOA® Fit System M4 dial closes the cold air and damp elements out.

MXZ 400 – Tackling the Extremes

Finally, our winter cycling ‘Extreme’ boot is the MXZ  400, designed to tackle anything, and here’s how. This ‘Winter Extreme’ last features our largest & tallest toe-box for ultimate insulation in extreme winter conditions. The Winter Extreme last allows the foot to maintain proper circulation, even when thicker socks are worn. What's unique about our last is the cycling specific heel, instep and arch shape that still maintain proper conforming fit to keep your foot securely in place while riding or walking without the need to over tighten.

With double the insulation and a cycling specific winter Last, that has all our years of research behind it, the MXZ400 is the new standard for extreme cold weather cycling footwear this season.

If you need any further information, don’t hesitate to contact one of our Lake Cycling, shoe fitting experts and retail partners and they’ll be happy to help. Let’s wrap all cyclists in a warm, dry and comfortable cycling boot this winter, and create smiles along those cold winter miles.

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