Why Choose Lake Cycling Shoes

Why Choose Lake Cycling Shoes


By Robert & Hutch

Innovation, sustainability, and quality 

As a consumer, it must be extraordinarily difficult at times, to know which cycling shoe to buy. Yes, for us a world leading cycle shoe brand, it’s easy to say “hey, buy a pair of Lake shoes!” However, in truth, when we pause and reflect on this dilemma from your perspective, then maybe it’s time for us to outline in more detail, why we do still firmly believe that we make some of the most comfortable, high-performance cycling shoes in the world.

We’re focused on making the world’s best cycling shoes

Ultimately, here at Lake, we’re a cycle shoe manufacturer, not simply a marketing company that puts a logo on the side of an off the shelf shoe. For us, that product is our baby. It’s the result of over 40 years of continual innovation, research and development; of feedback from riders from various riding levels and disciplines, including cycling legends Andy Hampsten, John Stamsted, Sonya Looney, Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå and our world leading ambassadors such as Cary Kane, JaBig, Ben Swift, Fred Wright and others within the World Tour Peloton.

Our shoes are the result of countless weeks, months, and years of sourcing, working with material experts around the world, utilizing their research into new products, examining the human foot and how the biomechanics operate in the cycling mode, shaping the shoe last to put the foot in an optimal position.  We determine how stiff or flexible, grippy or durable the sole must be. Each part of the upper it is determinedhow breathable or warm, lightweight or heavyweight, rigid or flexible it should be. Yes, we dig this deep in designing the world's best cycling shoes, so that by the time you put them onto your own unique feet, you know instinctively that you made the right choice, because we have already done the science. When you buy a pair of our shoes, you’re buying into that expertise.

Creating a sustainable shoe, for years of cycling adventures

Okay then, so you get an idea about how much time goes into creating a shoe like the new Lake CX242 and CX333. The endless hours that allow our chief designer, Hutch, to know exactly how to put the various elements together. However, did you know that each Lake cycling shoe is made from over 50 different parts, and that each element and piece of leather and fabric is individually tested by specialists, to ensure that when the cycling shoe jigsaw comes together, that it can withstand the hours on the bike and the constant pressure that comes from being wrapped around a constantly moving cyclists’ foot. Yes, the foot is the part of the body that remains most connected for the cyclist, and it’s the part that delivers the power transfer to propel you forward. We want to make sure that the pair of shoes that you choose, will continue to propel you forward for many years, which is why we use the finest components such as Clarino, Carbitex, Helcor and Ecco in creating the world’s best cycling shoes. They’ll literally last you a long, long time, so I guess you could say that we’ve built sustainability into our cycling shoes too.

A Unique Commitment to Excellence

We recognize that cyclists on online forums are constantly asking the question: which one of maybe 3 cycling shoe brands around the $400 point should they buy, and why. We clearly don't want you to buy Brand X, but as we said at the start of this blog, it’s a reasonable question. Hopefully though, you’re beginning to understand why you should allow our Lake expert shoe fitting partners around the world to measure your own feet in a way that no other brand does, and to help to direct you towards the perfect cycling shoe for you, from over 370 sizes and shoe models within the vast Lake Cycling shoe range. And, when we’ve measured your feet; it’s width, its length, its volume, and our bike-fitting partners have examined your own biomechanics and put this into the equation, we’ll wrap your feet in our legendary Lake Cycling shoe comfort for many years to come.

The final thing is this you see: we know that you’re making an important investment. We value that dedication and commitment to Lake, and we want to assure you that we will continue to make some of the best fitting, most comfortable and performance cycling shoes in the world. When you look at this way, we believe that Lake is an investment for the future - and nobody else can offer you the same.  

We’re proud here at Lake, to make the world’s best cycling shoes, and we’d like to help you to ride into the future wrapped in comfort, performance, and style - Lake style! So, choose innovation, value, and quality - choose Lake.

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