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GebioMized & Daniel Shade: The appliance of science
How pressure mapping data is revolutionising bikefitting Daniel Schade is a cyclist and scientist, but more of a scientist. He loves collecting and analysing data, and he loves problem solving. And, whilst he hasn’t broken any records on a bike...
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Designing cycling shoes to perform
Why Lake makes the most comfortable cycling shoes in the world We often talk about pattern work and the materials of our products, and those two elements are a major part of the core/foundation of our shoe ranges. It is...
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Dr Courtney Conley – From Strong Foundations
The importance of strength training your feet We take our feet for granted. There seem to be so many exercises and a myriad technical equipment to help us to maintain the fitness in every part of our body... except for...
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Christian Knees: Cycling and an adherence to excellence
Focus and a willingness to succeed Christian Knees isn’t just a familiar face on the world cycling scene; he’s a well-respected former rider and sports director amongst colleagues, with an adherence to excellence that is part of his character. It’s...
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Lake Cycling Legends: Steven Rooks
An uphill journey into cycling history Most of the Netherlands is flat. Indeed, a great percentage of the country, near to the North Sea coast is below sea level, with a landscape made for cyclists who want to ride fast....
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