It’s time to look closely at Lake

It’s time to look closely at Lake

The world’s most comfortable, high-performance cycling shoes

Looking across our vast range of cycling shoe models here at Lake, we’ve created probably the best options for all cyclists. With over 376 models and sizes, it can be hard to know where to start – and yes, we understand that dilemma. After all, there’s no such thing as a basic shoe option for Lake – all our shoes are world leading at their own price-point, and will stand the test of time, wrapping your feet in our legendary Lake cycling shoe comfort and performance for many years to come.

For the cyclist looking to start out on their Lake journey, where function, form and fit are supplied in equal measure, it can be a daunting process. That’s why we always recommend that you visit one of our world leading shoe fitting experts and get your feet properly measured. They’ll talk with you about your own cycling – on road and off-road – and use this information to point you towards the Lake cycling shoe models that best fit your own needs. There’s no right or wrong answer here – only finding the shoe that suits your own unique feet and how you ride. Yes, we have a range of cycling shoes across several price points. As we’ve highlighted already though, each and every Lake cycling shoe is designed to deliver the best possible fit, the ultimate performance and to keep you riding in comfort all day long. Whatever Lake shoe you end with on your feet, you’ll feel that unique Lake difference immediately.

Make a lasting difference to your own cycling

We want your journey into the Lake cycling shoe family to be as smooth and seamless as possible. We don’tgive our shoes fancy names – just the relevant model number in our vast catalogue of the world’s best cycling shoes. As we’ve outlined before too, those models are then broken down into shoes made using specific ‘lasts’ - that heart of every cycling shoe. Each of these lasts is designed to perform in a particular way, for particular foot shapes and for a particular purpose. For example, our Comfort last is designed to provide foot control while pedalling, without restricting the foot during off-bike activities. With a feel similar to traditional athletic shoes, this is an excellent choice for commuting, on & off trail sport rides & gentle terrain trekking.

Comfort and security, with our CX/TX Sport Last

The higher cadence & longer ride times which characterize road cycling require excellent foot control to avoid hot spots & numbness. With a much closer fit than any of our off-road lasts, our Sport last cradles the foot securely to prevent any unwanted movement and ensures that your work on the pedals is transferred into forward motion. This ‘last’ features a precisely fitted toe-box, high arch & mid width ball girth, all wrapped up in an excellent entry-level Lake cycling shoe – the CX177. What really makes the CX177 standout though, is its amazing fiberglass injected nylon sole. Lake’s Nylon sole is world famous for its uncompromising comfort and performance. No other injection nylon sole offers the same level of stiffness or comfort. Whilst the CX177 is our entry-level road cycling shoe, it stands alone among our competitors, as one of the most comfortable cycling shoes in the world.

High performance cycling with the CX/TX Competition last

Looking at the more ‘high-performance’ end of the cycling shoe spectrum, we have our lake CX/TX Competition Last, with a profile specifically designed for very high-cadence riding & higher pressure. Our Competition last features a more curved profile than the Sport last. The main differences include increased toe pitch & heel lift, a tighter heel & a slightly wider ball girth to allow the foot to expand under high pedalling pressures. We use this high-performance, high-quality last for some of our very best cycling shoes, such as the CX238 – a favourite with our global customers. As a mid-range shoe, it’s perfect for a slightly wider foot shape, delivering security and speed, through a perfect transition of power. The CX238 utilises Lake's Race carbon fiber sole, offering impressive stiffness while remaining low in weight. For the regular rider, looking for comfort and performance all day long, the Lake CX238 could be the ideal shoe for you – depending on that all-important Lake shoe fitting experience, of course!

The ultimate cycling shoe – Lake CX/MX333

We designed our latest CX/MX333 road cycling and off-road cycling shoe on our Lake CX/TX Race last, creating what we believe is the ultimate cycling shoe, with comfort, performance and style all balanced in perfect harmony. The Race last features a slightly narrower toe box and a tighter heel than the Competition last. It also has less overall volume than the Sport last. It’s a high-quality, high performance cycling shoe that carries some technical features, and is designed for very high-cadence riding with a slimmer fit. It has a Carbitex arch support panel for a more secure fit, a heat moldable internal Thermaform Carbon Fiber heel counter, to hold your heel stable all day long, and our finest and lightest Klite Kangaroo leather with leather lining or Clarino Microfiber upper with Outlast temperature regulating lining. The Lake CX333 – our triple threat to competitors – is the ultimate in cycling shoe innovation and performance and is used by some of the world’s top riders. If you’re riding at the high-performance end of cycle sport, then take a look at the ultimate cycling shoe – the Lake CX333, wrapped in performance, comfort and style, in perfect harmony.

Cycling shoe excellence, for every budget

Lake don’t just want to be the most comfortable cycling shoe brand in the world; we also want to provide you with the highest possible performance level, all wrapped in style. After all, there’s an aesthetic attached to cycling – we know that. You want to look good and feel good when you’re out on the bike. With your feet being attached to the bike more than any other part of you, it’s critical to know which cycling shoe is right for you. Whether you’re an occasional leisure rider, taking to the roads a couple of times a month, or a regular rider looking to maximise your performance, we promise you – Lake will always wrap your own unique feet in cycling shoe excellence, whatever your budget. Each and every Lake, road cycling shoe is designed to deliver the ultimate cycling experience. We’d love to welcome you to the Lake cycling family, so take a look today, and ride into 2024 wrapped in the world's most comfortable, high performance cycling shoes.

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