Lake CX333 – Is this the ultimate road cycling shoe

Lake CX333 – Is this the ultimate road cycling shoe

Testing out our latest road cycling shoe

It’s been a few months now since we released our new CX333 road cycling shoe, and it’s already been a big hit with consumers. It’s easy to be complacent as a cycling shoe brand, and say ‘well, yes –of course it’s a great shoe!’

However, here at Lake, we like to make sure that every one of our cycling shoe models continues to perform as intended, and that it fits the bill – and the foot – in every aspect. That’s why I’ve been taking a close look myself at the CX333 and testing it on the tough and unrelenting roads of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The road cycling in the Dales is tough, steep and technical. Narrow roads, with an often-loose surface, twist and turn and climb sharply, meaning that your feet need to be firmly fixed and producing maximum power and control all day long. Having spoken regularly to our designer, Hutch, I was excited to finally see the CX333, and thankfully, when it arrived, I wasn’t disappointed. Of the three things that are important to me, first impressions are key.

First impressions of the CX333

Unpacking the CX333, you’re immediately drawn to its super modern and super sleek styling. Its aesthetically superb, with beautiful lines and delicate touches to the overall finish that stand out: the well-thought-out patterning of the perforated Kangaroo leather, designed to help with breathability; the sweeping lines of the CARBITEX medial panel support, blending seamlessly and providing a stylish contrast to the white leather; the Internal Thermaform Carbon Fiber heel counter,  and the superb finishing quality of the stitching, especially adjacent to the dual BOA closure system.

Whilst each of the points have been designed with a specific purpose in mind, they come together so beautifully in this modern looking road cycling shoe, to deliver a real ‘wow’ factor. Add to this, the lightness of the shoe, and the super-slim and super-stiff high-quality carbon sole, and the first impressions get a big tick! Yes, the new Lake CX333 is a truly beautiful looking cycling shoe that oozes quality. If it were a car, it would be an Audi R8, with a clear a defined look, making a bold and stylish statement immediately.

Form, fit and function on the cyclists' feet

Placing your feet inside the soft, light natural Kangaroo leather of the CX333, it immediately feels just right. Underneath the BOA cables, the generous leather panelling wraps over your foot and keeps it comfortable and warm. The extra adjustment of the BOA® Fit System featuring Dual-Dial Li2s, combined with the wide toe box and softness of the upper, literally wrap your feet in a second skin of cycling shoe excellence. The upper portion of the BOA closure system is dressed to one side, leaving a soft over-panel to protect the forward and upward momentum of the foot as you drive the pedals forward. It’s a small but well-thought-out touch from Hutch, our designer, and it works superbly, adding that extra element of comfort to your hard-working feet. The CARBITEX medial panel support is not only a stylish aesthetic touch, as you dial in the BOA closure, you can feel the panel holding your foot securely and adding to that confident clip-in.

Action stations: a cycling shoe born to race

The internal heel counter is made from heat moldable carbon, designed to give the option to better customize the heel hold. Instructions on our website are clear and precise and include a video; or you can get our shoe fitting expert retail partners to assist you.  A secure heel hold will stabilize the foot and eliminate heel slip, creating maximum power transfer and less fatigue. Best of all, it works in practice, leaving the shoe feeling super-secure on the pedal, and reducing any unnecessary movement.

Add to this, the Lake Race 100% Carbon Fiber sole, available in a 3-hole cleat pattern or Speedplay specific as Custom Option and you’ve got one of the lightest, stiffest and most comfortable road cycling shoes in the world. The CX333 utilizes our patented double sole system, where the inner sole is a semi flexible fiberglass platform that allows the foot to have some flexibility at the ball of the foot, at a point where the foot tends to swell, and typically where hot spots or numbness would occur. The inner sole is suspended over the outer rigid carbon sole, which is created from the highest quality carbon fiber, to produce a super-stiff and super-light high-performance sole, that is designed to produce maximum power with ultimate comfort. It looks and feels sensational, and you’re simply left feeling at ease and able to concentrate on having the ride of your life.

Clipping onto my Look carbon pedals is always a joy. I know that I’m about to ride into a new adventure, each and every day I step across my Bianchi bike. Clipping in with the new Lake CX333 I know that they look stylishly superb and sleek, and that they also feel sublime – like a second skin. As I hit the hills and the road steepens, I’m out of the saddle and dancing on the pedals, with the BOAs and the moldable heel counter holding my feet securely, making sure that all of my effort is transferred forwards and upwards. Tackling the technical descents, those critical moments arise when you need that security on your feet, using the pedal positioning to lean and load the bike – precision is key, and precision is second nature for the Lake CX333. It’s a road cycling shoe that instinctively feels like a part of you – cyclist and bike moving as one machine and in perfect harmony. You want to ride fast, to sweep through the tight and twisting lanes, to dance up the climbs and to feel the exhilaration and purity of cycling.

The new Lake CX333 is without a doubt, the pure and simple, perfect evolution of the cycling shoe, and I can’t wait to try out the new MX333 off-road version next. What are you waiting for; join the cycling revolution – join the Lake cycling shoe family and ride into a future wrapped in comfort, performance and style.

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