Meet the Team - Auckland Bike Fit, New Zealand

Meet the Team - Auckland Bike Fit, New Zealand

Getting the best from your cycling

Cycling is big these days in New Zealand. They’re quite good at it, as you’d expect from this nation of sports-mad people. Look at any cycling genre: road, mountain bike or the track, and there’s a New Zealand rider up there. When Craig from Auckland Bike Fit moved to New Zealand, some 16 years ago, it was slightly different though; it was the early days of bike fitting, and it was a challenge to get established. Through his dedication and a commitment to perfecting the cycling position for all riders, Craig has however, cemented his position as one of the best bike fitters in the country – wrapping the feet of many Auckland cyclists in legendary Lake cycling shoe comfort.

Having been born and brought up in and around the Forest of Dean, in the English and Welsh borders, Craig has been riding since aged 5, then having worked in a local bike shop and hire centre, before working in the cycling mecca that was London, with lots of custom bike builds, and stores that displayed walls of shoes. It gave him the opportunity to see lots of different cyclists, and his analytical mind took everything in –however he wanted a challenge, and New Zealand was the ultimate destination to practice his skills.

Developing a trend

It seems commonplace to get a bike fit these days, and especially so if you’re having a custom-built bike.  Back in 2008 though, especially in New Zealand, it was a wake-up call for Craig. He’d been told that New Zealand would be a shock, and yes, he spent some time twiddling his thumbs, with few riders walking in for a bike fit. It was simply that the New Zealand cycling community didn’t know much about them or of the benefits; and so, slowly, Craig persevered and developed his services through word of mouth – and then, cyclist after cyclist told their riding friends of the benefits to health, performance and comfort.

The logic of how our individual bodies work when cycling, it made sense to the New Zealand riders, and they were willing disciples. Craig spends about 20 to 30 minutes talking about feet to a bike fit customer, as the starting point for every fitting session. It all makes sense to the riders, many of whom are surprised that their own 2 feet are in different sizes and require different shoe sizing.

The cold truth of shoe sizing

Most people try a shoe on when their feet are cold. Then, when riding, after 40 or 50 km, they start to feel a numbness in the feet, and they’ve swollen up slightly and ill-fitting shoes are starting to pinch. Too frequently, riders listen to advice on Google or Youtube that’s aimed towards serious riders and pros, where the feet are narrower – as we’ve discussed here in a previous lake blog (see link).

Craig says that he spends a few minutes just looking at a rider. Looking at how they stand, maybe leaning to one side; their shoulders, hips, feet and how their ankles roll inwards. All of this is then used as he puts them on the bike and measures the feet, before he then suggests the right shoe for their unique feet.


CX 242



Lake CX / MX 242 – the shoe for all feet

The most common shoe that Craig fits currently, is the new CX / MX 242, for road and off-road cyclists. It’sa go-to shoe for any foot shape, and always reliable, due to the flexibility of the fitting process and how the shoe upper has been designed, with an articulation to the material panels and the dual BAO fastenings, working alongside the Carbitex to give the necessary support, like a second skin for the cyclist's foot. The 242 also has a wider toe box, allowing the riders feet to take up a more natural position, ensuring that the focus is on power transfer and performance, with comfort coming as standard.

New Zealand is a mecca for outdoor sports, and the recognised global capital for adventure. Thankfully, it’salso now a cycling centre where riders can excel and take in the spectacular countryside and mountains, on tarmac or on the trails, knowing that their feet are being properly looked after by Craig and Lake cycling shoes, on a bike is also made to fit just for them. Nobody is an ‘off-the-peg' rider and we all look different and have bodies that move in different ways. Having an expert bike fit from Craig at Auckland Bike Fit, or any other of our global partners, is the best way to ensure your own cycling comfort.

Lake is dedicated to making cycling shoes that excel in performance, style and comfort. Like you, we’re always ready for the next adventure. So, get your head down and turn the cranks with Lake shoes maximising your performance, as you renew your cycling spirit, and we create new memories together on 2-wheels.

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