Mixing things up a bit

Mixing things up a bit

Getting ready for Gravel – with Lake

It’s that time of year, when the top pros start to forego those sunny locations for training camps, the average cyclist maybe starts to venture away from the trainer occasionally, and we all look forward to the classics, like Strade Bianche. Yes, the white roads of Italy are calling us all, as the 2nd of March fast approaches, and the dust will once more be flying on this modern-day epic event. There’s even an opportunity for club riders to take on the course, on the Sunday following the pro peloton.

Riders such as Van der Poel, and Kasia Niewiadoma have prepared by securing the Cyclocross and Gravel Bike rainbow jerseys, respectively, and will be ones to watch amidst the clouds of dust and racing wheels.

It’s not just the pro peloton though, that has taken to off-road and mixed terrain adventures. All over the world, gravel bikes are leading the way with a new crop of riders, bringing a renewed sense of adventure to cycling. Yes, gravel is the fastest growing area of our sport, and that means a whole new set of challenges for the hard-working cyclists' feet!

Head for adventure with Lake gravel specific cycling shoes

There’s a whole lot of issues and impact factors to consider when choosing the shoe that is right for you and your own style of riding. Whilst you may like taking on a challenge along the rocky roads of Italy of elsewhere; depending on how you plan to ride – slow and steady and for leisure, or like a full-gas racer, you need to choose your cycling footwear carefully. There’ll be one or two pro riders in this year’s Strade, suitably booted in our CX333 or the CX403. However, consider; these cyclists are built differently, ride differently and won’t be stopping to take in the scenery!

Within the very wide spectrum of shoe models that we produce here at Lake, there are gravel specific shoes for you to choose from.


MX238 Gravel


Lake MX238 Gravel

The Lake MX238 Gravel Shoe offers gravel and mixed-terrain riders the comfort and performance of a road shoe, with the added benefit and walkability of a mountain bike shoe, without the addition of excessive weight or bulk. The shoe is designed on our MX Competition Last – featuring a larger toe box & tighter heel than the Comfort last and with slightly more overall volume than the Sport last. It’s exceptionally secure and ideally suited for hard riding/racing and has with enough room in the toe box to prevent binding when running up inclines or negotiating a hike-a-bike section.  The upper has a choice of either a clarino microfiber or ecco full grain suede leather, with mesh and Helcor abrasion resistant panels. In terms of the sole, it’s a full carbon fiber, with a ‘Mountain X’ full rubber addition for grip. The dual BOA Li2 dial system is the most advanced closure platform in cycling, offering a precise, micro-adjustable fit in both directions and designed to resist abrasion.



Lake MX201 Flat Shoe

At the other end of the off-road shoe spectrum is the Lake MX201. It’s a shoe designed for flat pedal usage, but which can take an off-road cleat. Not only is it the ideal commuter and leisure shoe; it’s also perfect for those gravel bike riders who simply want to take their time and maybe walk a few sections, park the bikeand grab some coffee and bite to eat whilst chilling with friends. No, you don’t have to be a racing snake on the dusty trails, for Lake to be able to look after your cycling feet; and, if you’re a chilled-out rider wanting to find a gravel bike adventure, then the Lake MX201 cycling shoe might be just for you.

The semi-flexible sole offers perfect comfort for walking and the stiffness needed for all day cycling. Built on our Comfort Plus LAST with a wider toe box, the MX201 Flat has a unique construction that offers a light weight and extremely breathable shoe, along with a generous forefoot platform that accommodates a multitude of foot shapes. It’s especially useful for riders with a wide foot. The shoe has a comfortable, real rubber and EVA Enduro Sole with a semi-rigid Nylon midsole. The MX201 features Lake’s legendary fiberglass injected nylon sole formula, with an all-new design that has incredible grip and durability for all day cycling. In terms of the upper, there’s a clarino microfiber & NuFoam mesh upper. The form fitting and durable microfiber and mesh upper, also has a comfortable and secure BOA® closure with Tectuff Microfiber Toe protection, making sure that you’re well looked after on stoney trails.

Bring smiles to gravel miles

Gravel riding brings a whole new dimension to off-road cycling, and to the type of cycling shoes required. As we always say here at Lake, we know that you’re unique, and we know that you have your own style of riding. Whether you’re an all-out racer or a leisure rider looking for adventure in the slow lane, Lake Cycling Shoes have a got the perfect cycling shoe for your feet. Take a look across our website and visit one of our Lake shoe fitting experts at our partner retailers. On 2nd March, we can all sit down together, as part of this great cycling sub-culture and global community, watching the pro peloton churn up the dust, whilst we each have our own off-road dreams. The one thing that we all share is a love for cycling – and the desire to be wrapped in that legendary Lake comfort, performance and style!

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