Pump up the volume

Pump up the volume

Cyclists can tune in to a perfect fit with Lake

There are certain things that cyclists share: a love for adventure; a healthy lifestyle; coffee stops and a post ride cake - and a desire to be comfortable all ride long. However, few cyclists know that in terms of cycling shoes, there are 3 key variables that need to be balanced when choosing your own cycling footwear. Thankfully, we’re here to inform you and help you to make to make the right choice in selecting your own cycling shoes for the roads and trails ahead.


Number One - Length

The most obvious measurement and the first variable is the length of your foot… or both feet individually, to be precise. Did you know for instance that Lake is the only cycling shoe brand in the world that will measure both your feet and then, if necessary, recommend and sell you shoes with an individual length sizing for each foot. Nobody else does that, and we’re quite proud of being the best cycling shoe brand in the world for this level of service. Imagine it, you need a size 43 on your left foot and a size 44 on your right; rare, we know - but possible with a Lake cycling shoes fitting specialists. Visit one of our partners and find out for yourself.

Number Two - Width

Secondly, but by no means of lesser importance is the width of your feet, the platform that you stand on and transfer that important power through - and once again, we’re talking about both feet being accurately measured for width. As Lake have the most accurate measurements and the most varied cycling shoe “lasts” and sole platforms within the cycling industry, width is critical. Let’s explain this in simple terms by using 3 of our current shoe last shapes:

  • the Race last;
  • the Competition last; and finally,
  • the Comfort Plus last.

If you look at the image below, you’ll see how the same size of shoe in length varies by width, depending on the “last” that we’ve built the specific shoe model on. Add to this, that each specific shoe last, also comes in multiple width fittings and sole platforms from narrow to wide sole platforms, then you really start to see the Lake difference.

Number Three - Volume

When we talk about the volume available in each cycling shoe model, it is how we manage and adjust the volume by using BOA, lacing or straps, to aid adjustability and fit. This shoe volume also refers to everything above the shoe sole platform that wraps around your foot. In effect, the circumference around the shoe last, and the area of the upper element of the shoe itself. This volume goes beyond “left to right” width measurement and is useable for an individual who may have slim but wide feet, or someone who has a narrow but tall foot. Understanding this volume variable and how our different last operates, each “last” having varying degrees that will ensure that a properly fitting shoe is worn.

Phew, lots of information, we know – but important information for your feet. Once you have determined your correct sole platform from measuring the width, you can further fine tune the fit with the various volume offered in a narrow to a wide shoe option. Remember, here at Lake we offer various widths.

The fact that we at Lake offer so many shoes “last” options, alongside the multiple width platforms, allows us to alter the volume of the shoe upper that is available for your own feet. And, at this point, we at Lake start to truly stand out from the crowd, arriving at point 3 - the measurement of volume, concerning your very important cycling feet. Quite simply, we’re unique in providing these 3 all-important and crucial variables in multiple shoe models throughout our collection - so let’s delve deeper into variable 3, the volume and how it relates to width.

Adjusting the volume is a sweet sound for cycling

Hopefully you can see, that whilst other cycling shoe brands simply measure your foot length, and, if there seems to be a width issue, they’ll all too frequently advise you (incorrectly) to go up in size(s)… in length to achieve width and volume comfort, this creates a huge issue. Adding unnecessary length to your cycling shoe creates a problem with cleat positioning, which is a whole big issue all to itself, and one which we’ll be writing about in detail in a future blog. Put simply - and we believe that it’s plainly obvious - increasing length, when the width of the shoe is not increased, does nothing whatsoever to help you - absolutely nothing. Besides depleting your bank account unnecessarily, it creates comfort problems and other potentially harmful effects to other parts of your body beyond just your feet. What does help you, is for us here at Lake to properly measure and assess your foot length, width and volume, and to balance this against your cycling requirements, before recommending which cycling shoe “last”, and which Lake cycling shoe models are best suited your own unique feet.

As we look at the 3 shoe last shapes that we mentioned earlier, and how each of these add another dimension to the degrees of detail of providing you with the very best cycling shoe fit in the world - that all important 3rd variable again - the volume of your foot helps to fine tune the fit. More specifically, we’d like to explain to you, the volume available in each of our Race last models, and the importance of this to you, and how it defines the absolute uniqueness of Lake.

The Race Last and Volume

At Lake Cycling Shoes, we understand the importance of getting things right; ultimately, your comfort matters to us, because we want to wrap your feet in our cycling shoes for many years to come. And so, we deal in millimetres when measuring your feet, and we publish the mm lengths and widths of all of our shoe models, which are available on our website. However, let’s get back to the Race “last”, used in many of our pro and elite level-cycling shoes. The Race last is a high-performance last, used in the following shoe models:

CX20R; MX30G; CX302; CX333; MX333; CX403

This highly technical cycling shoe last is used to make shoes worn by some of the world’s best cyclists, such as Ben Swift from Ineos Grenadiers, and alongside each of the 3 width fittings mentioned earlier, it provides that all-important 3 different volumes of upper, for every length and size of shoe in the Race last collection - and that again, is most definitely a uniqueness within the cycling shoe world, of which were justifiably proud. All too often, other cycling shoe brands simply alter the upper volume of the shoe, and only give you - the important customer - the same width fitting of the sole platform (usually too narrow), and by virtue, the same limited volume and width - despite the shoe width increasing, giving in essence a very limited option for comfort and ultimately, your cycling performance and yes, your foot health. Hotspots, bunions, nerve pressure etc. Yes, remember those painful cycling shoe experiences, before you came to Lake. We’ll be dealing with foot health issues caused by ill-fitting shoes, in future, forthcoming blogs.

By having multiple cycling shoe sole platforms (those shoe “lasts & soles”) here at Lake, it allows us to vastly increase our range and scale of sizes in all three variables: length, width, and viola - the critical area of volume. The extra increments that we provide are far better for you, the cyclist, and enable a far more accurate fitting of the cycling shoe onto your own unique feet. It’s all above foot love - and we simply love your cycling feet!

Insoles in-tune with your feet

As a final thought, and something that we’ve spoken about before in our blogs - custom insoles. As you and your feet are so unique, the base of the shoe is as important as the upper. Having high or low arches, or other specific issues, all work to inform how you and your feet operate in a pair of cycling shoes. Volume is critical, as we’ve spoken about; and our range of shoes will always support your cycling needs. However, we also recommend that you speak with one of our Lake cycling fitting partners and get yourself a set of custom insoles to match your feet and shoes, giving those final positive ticks in dealing with that trilogy of fitting measurements: length, wide and volume. Using custom insoles will greatly improve your foot position inside of the shoe and allow your foot to operate in a more natural way, aiding comfort and performance, maximising that all-important fit.

Critically, a Lake cycling shoe, when measured and fitted correctly for your own particular volume requirements, is far more comfortable than any other cycling shoe in the world. It enables you to ride in comfort and to maximise performance, as we wrap your feet perfectly in a second skin, comprising of the world’s most comfortable cycling shoes - only from Lake.

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