Ride into adventure

Ride into adventure

The new Lake MX30G off-road shoe

We’ve spoken before about the growth of gravel biking across the world. In fact, we’re the first cycling shoe brand globally, to separate out mountain biking shoes and gravel biking shoes on our website; making it easier for you to see exactly what cycling shoes are likely to suit your own style of riding. Yes, whilst there are some obvious cross-overs, with shoes being able to be ridden in both disciplines; there are certain aspects of gravel biking that require a new approach to cycling shoe design. We’ve always been at the forefront of innovation and thought that it was about time for us to put together everything that we’ve learnt from working with some great gravel bike riders and racers around the world, to produce an absolutely awesome, off-road adventure cycling shoe – we call it the Lake MX30G!

Light and rugged and ready for action

The MX30G is a classically designed, pure and simple off-road adventure shoe, without unnecessary frills, and is perfectly suited for long days on the gravel grind. It comes as an all-microfiber version and an ultra-lightweight mesh version, for those hot and humid days. Our Lake ambassadors told us that having a mesh fronted upper would be beneficial for those fast river crossings in races, allowing the water to be easily released and aiding the drying process with an airflow around the foot. The microfiber upper option is tough and hard-wearing, taking care of those knocks and rocks that frequently accompany a fast paced, technical trail with the dust and gravel flying around the wheels.

Taking on board all of their thoughts, we believe that we’ve created a stylish off-road cycling shoe that addresses all the potential issues that come with the unique and challenging terrain of gravel biking. Best of all, our MX30G allows you to make an informed choice, based on your individual riding style and requirements, giving that the confidence to ride faster as we wrap you in our legendary Lake comfort. 

Getting to grips with gravel

Time for some sole music, and our MX30G is designed on our popular MX Race last. Featuring a slightly narrower toe box & tighter heel than the Competition last, and less overall volume than the Sport last, the shoe fits like a second skin, ensuring that we maximise your all-important power transfer, whilst maintaining comfort. It’s designed for a slimmer fit and is ideally suitable for racing.

In terms of sole itself, we’ve kept things light and super stiff, using our Lake Race 100% carbon fiber sole, and our durable and grippy TPU lugs, to give you a reliable grip on those loose and technical surfaces. The rubber over-sole also has provisions for toe spikes, for when the ground is extremely soft and you require that additional security of foot placement. It’s a super-still sole that guarantee’s grip, and which keeps your feet firmly planted on the pedals, controlling the bike and the trails twist and turn on the loose ground. It’s critical when riding on technical terrain to create that balance between power transfer and control, and we believe that the MX30G achieves this.

An upper-class adventure cycling shoe

Time then to look in detail at the new MX30G upper options. Let’s take you through our mesh version, which uses an ultra-strong mesh fabric, from the toe box, across the bridge of the foot and around the heel area. The mesh is left open around the front of the foot, and strengthened with clarino fabric, with a reinforced toe area to take the knocks. We’ve included padding around the heel, so that it grips against your foot and lower ankle without discomfort, keeping your foot stable and ready to ride. 

 The tongue uses a layered approach, with the mesh weave softened by the addition of a bonded layer of soft, perforated fabric, protecting the upper of your foot when the shoe is closed. We’ve chosen the BOA® Fit System Li2 dials to deliver ultimate precision in wrapping the upper around your unique cycling feet. The Li2 dial is the most advanced platform in cycling, offering a precise, micro-adjustable fit in both directions and is designed to resist abrasion. It’s perfect for what we believe is probably the best gravel bike specific shoe available today. In terms of the microfiber upper option, we’ve utilised our extensive research and knowledge, to bring you a hard-wearing and robust off-road cycling shoe, that can take the knocks from the toughest of trails and keep your feet comfortable inside the shoe on those testing gravel grind.  

The MX30G – for when speed is your friend

Best of all, the new Lake MX30G is also ideal for those fast and furious mountain bike cross-country days, where speed is your friend, and you need a lightweight and precise cycling shoe to transfer that power into adventure. Yes, the MX30G is designed to be one of the most stable shoe platforms available, allowing you to control the bike on those testing trail days. Lake cycling shoes has over 40 years of innovation and adaptability to draw on, and we’ve used all of our expertise to create this awesome, adaptable and multi-purpose cycling shoe for adventure seekers everywhere. If you’re heading into the hills this summer, make sure that you ride with Lake – the world’s best cycling shoes.

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