The Season of Goodwill – Even in Cycling

The Season of Goodwill – Even in Cycling

Lake U.K. Winter Roadshows

We’ve been busy this year, here in the U.K... We’ve opened our new U.K. office, headed up by Richard Williams, and we’ve increased and strengthened our retail and bike-fitting partnerships, and we’ve travelled the length and breadth of this cycling-mad nation, showing cyclists in all corners, the finest range of high-performance cycling shoes in the world – by Lake.

There’s so much going on behind the scenes, and our recent U.K. roadshows allowed us to speak directly with our specialist shoe fitters and to show them the very latest products, as well as the future ideas from the design team at Lake, that we’ll be dropping into the global cycling scene in 2024. Meeting numerous friends and partners at Matlock, in the famous Peak District National Park, we gathered together at the U.K. Bike Fit studio, hosted by Dan and team, with our own director, Christian present along with Richard too, talking about the latest developments.

Information Sharing for Excellence

One of the most valuable things that we achieve from these days is the cross-pollination of ideas and experiences, as so many talented people within our sport come together in a relaxed forum. It’s a great opportunity for us to simply chat cycling and cyclist's feet. It also gives us at Lake, a wealth of invaluable information that we can take back to the design team and others and use to help us to keep creating the world’s most comfortable cycling shoes. Speaking with people such as Scott, from ‘Bike Dynamics’, and Ryan from ‘Ryan Morley Cycle Centre’, their vast experience and knowledge was evident. After all, it’s these people that speak directly with you, the cyclists at grassroots level, and who see the problems and issues at first hand.

And so, it was great to be able to show them our new CX/ MX 333 cycling shoe, and the new off-road and winter orientated shoes, such as the MXZ 120, our first winter model built on our Comfort Plus Last. This classic hiker styled boot is SPD compatible, water resistant, warm, and breathable. The semi-flexible nylon sole allows for equal comfort on or off the bike and the natural foot shaped toe box provides plenty of space for your favourite winter socks.

We strive to be the best, by listening and watching

Being at the forefront of cycle shoe develop for over 40 years, we believe that the best way to make a cyclist comfortable and to maximise their performance is to listen and to watch. That’s what our specialist bike and shoe fitting partners do, as they spent valuable time with riders, analysing their unique cycling style and looking at the biometric data. At our Peak District roadshow, Dan from U.K. Bike Fit gave a talk to those present, all about the state-of-the-art saddle analysis system by Gebiomized Pressure Mapping technology, currently used by the INEOS Grenadiers.

It’s a fascinating piece of technology, that shows you in real-time, exactly where the pressure is on your current saddle, and how much pressure is going through your saddle whilst you are riding. From this, you can determine why your current saddle is causing you pain, find out which alternative saddles would best suit you and test them out using the pressure mapping. It also allows our specialist bike and shoe fitting partners to see if your cycling footwear is the issue and allows them to make those necessary tweaks that send you away riding with performance and comfort in perfect harmony.

A season ending with smiles

With Lake U.K. Director, Rich Williams on hand to present the new road and off-road cycling shoe ranges, and to answer questions from our partners in attendance, the Lake Cycling Roadshow series ended on another successful note, just in time for Christmas! Yes, there’s now even more models across the Lake range, giving you access to the world’s finest cycling shoes, whatever shape your feet are, and whatever style of riding you do.

Why not take a look across our website and join the Lake Cycling family, with some of our great winter sale offers, and ride those long winter miles with smiles. After all, it’s the season of goodwill and we all deserve a gift or two – it's Christmas!

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