The Evolution of the Cycling Shoe

The Evolution of the Cycling Shoe

The new Lake CX / MX333: Welcome to the next generation

We all know that evolution occurs in order for us to adapt to the environment and circumstances; and it’s as true in the cycling world as it is the biological one. Here at Lake, we’ve been listening, looking, researchingand developing our cycling shoe designs for over 40 years. That’s what makes our shoes the most comfortable cycling shoes in the world.

Our latest generation of cycling shoes, cover and wrap the cycling feet of an increasing number of cyclists from around the world, and we wanted to take all the knowledge and expertise that we’ve developed, and to bring you the ultimate in cycling shoe design – the new Lake 333 range. Yes, welcome to the evolution of the cycling shoe and the triple threat to our industry competitors, as we launch our new CX / MX333 road and off-road shoe to the world’s cycling community. It brings you the ultimate balance between performance, power and comfort - that perfect trilogy for a great ride.

CX333 is the next generation of cycling shoe

We didn’t want to move radically away from our previous 332 models, as they had some great design and technical innovations themselves when they came out. We’re always looking ahead though here at Lake, and perfection is hard to achieve – which is why we listen to you, the consumer. We’ve maintained the lightness of the Kangaroo leather and the moldable heel counter from the previous model. However, Hutch and the team have looked in detail at how we can bring you the ultimate in power, performance and comfort – the new Lake 333.

One area of the new 333 that we wanted to look at was the security of the fit, and the feeling of stability. Since designing the 332, we’ve come a long way using Carbitex - especially in the 400 range of cycling shoes. We’ve taken these successes and merged the developing technologies into our new CX and MX 333 models. The great benefit of the new Carbitex addition to the upper of the 333 is that it gives the rider a more structured feel to the shoe. Yes, you still have that light and supple Kangaroo leather that will form and stretch and mold around your foot. Now though, you’ve also got the additional strength and security for the constantly moving foot that the Carbitex provides. It’s something that we developed on the 403 models, and having seen its success, we wanted to drip this technology down to the new 333 shoe, giving you that perfect trilogy of Performance, Power and Comfort on every ride.

By adding the Carbitex to arch area for support, we improve the control over the stretch of the upper. Then, by wrapping over the closure system on the instep, we give you the rider a more secure feel and lock the heel in place too.  Wrapping the closure system over, also allows us to bring the closure down towards the toes and the toe box area, so that you can also adjust more of the shoe. These subtle changes and developments allow you to transfer more power, increasing performance, and to ride in more comfort than ever before!  Ultimately, here at Lake were always looking at ways to wrap your feet in excellence, and our new CX / MX333 is truly next generation cycling shoe comfort, from the world’s most comfortable cycle shoe brand.

3 is the perfect number

Additionally, you’ll also find that our new 333 shoe now has the same width fitting standards as our other ranges, coming in narrow, standard and wide fittings, and meaning that we still have the best range of cycling shoe widths in the industry. Our CX333 is now in line with our standard width 238 models, making it easier for you to compare and contrast when choosing your next pair of cycling shoes by Lake. The new 333 road and off-road shoes still have the same ultra-reliable Race ‘last’ - they just have a lot more technology going on in the upper, to give you that perfect ride – wrapped in that legendary Lake comfort.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in performance and comfort to help power your next ride, then 3 definitely is the perfect number – the new Lake CX / MX333 - the evolution of the cycling shoe.

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