Because the trail never ends

Because the trail never ends

Here at Lake, we design and make cycling shoes for just about all types of riding. Yes, we’re really famous for our fit and comfort, and within the road cycling community, we’re particularly super popular globally. Did you know however, that we also make a huge selection of shoes for all manner off-road and trail riding, including our gravel bike shoes. The simple fact is that we love cycling in all its forms, and the team here at Lake love immersing themselves in the grassroots cycling movement - both as riders and watchers of the sport.

Getting close to the action - at ‘Ard Rock 2023

Only a few weeks ago, I attended the famous ‘Ard Rock mountain bike festival, here in the Yorkshire Dales National in the U.K., as a guest of friends from Spanish cycle brand Orbea. Despite the terrible weather - yes, that unpredictable cycling factor - it was amazing to see so many riders of all shapes and sizes, having fun and getting literally caked in mud as they rode the enduro trails either for fun or for real competition, at this eclectic mtb version of Glastonbury, where music plays out all day long from a stage, and the campers revel and party into the night, as riders flock to some of the toughest mtb trails in the U.K.. 

The smiles of riders at the Orbea bikes demo stand, as they returned from the hills covered in mud, and with bikes unrecognisable under the thick layers, spoke volumes about the still growing popularity of mountain bike enduro. Being there reminded me of the new Lake MX 201 off-road shoe, released earlier this year, specifically to cater for trail riders and enduro, where flat pedals and all-day fun are the norm. Enduro also has lots of standing around between stages, and the MX 201 is designed to make these moments off the bike as comfortable as possible.

Lake MX 201 Off-road shoe

It’s a shoe that Hutch has spent a long time researching, and which fills a gap in the already varied, Lake off-road cycling shoe catalogue. We’ve got a whole range of shoes designed to aid mtb cross country riders, such as the MX 238, and the MX 332. And there’s our gravel bike shoes, such as the MX 238 Gravel specific version of this globally popular Lake model.

In terms of long all day riding, Enduro and a flat based pedal shoe, that was specifically designed for more time walking, the new MX 201 off-road shoe is designed to meet this need, in a stylishly modern, sporty, and relaxed style. It’s a shoe that allows the rider that freedom and yet still gives the control and stiff sole that sticks to the flat pedal and allows the rider to shape and turn the bike at will, as the technical trails get tough. Time to take a closer then, as it’s a shoe that’s also perfectly at home on the type of trails that the ‘Ard Rock festival throws at riders every summer.

MX 201


Finding the balance between time riding and time walking

The MX201 Flat strikes the perfect balance for flat pedal riding and all-day walking comfort, meaning that once you’ve finished your own ride, you can chill down with your biking buddies without changing your footwear - and I did just that, this weekend, sharing cake and were into the evenings at ‘Ard Rock. The semi-flexible sole of the MX 201 offers perfect comfort for walking and the stiffness needed for all day cycling, and the power transfer and control that enduro mtb requires. Built on our Comfort Plus LAST with a wider toe box, the MX201 Flat has a unique construction that offers an extremely breathable and durable shoe with a generous forefoot platform that accommodates a multitude of foot shapes. It’s a roomy shoe that we’ve designed for people who need more room in the toe box to allow for toe splay, no toe restrictions and it’s super comfortable for the trails, using a BOA® Fit System Side mounted Li2 Push/Pull dial. 

MX Comfort Plus Last – Featuring an all-new COMFORT PLUS LAST what is unique about this last is the roomy toe box. As mentioned, it allows the toes to splay which is a natural action the toes do when walking, this allows for walking stability and for the foot’s natural mechanics of utilizing the muscles in the foot for a supportive walking gait.  On the upper, we’ve chosen to give the MX201 a Clarino Microfiber and NuFoam mesh upper, for excellent breathability and hard wearing. The form fitting and durable microfiber and mesh upper, is wrapped around your trail loving feet, using a high quality and unequalled BOA® closure, with Tectuff Microfiber Toe protection for those trail riding moments that don’t go to plan.

Adventure seekers can have maximum comfort

Taking the shoe away from the technicalities of enduro mtb, it’s also super comfortable as a commuter shoe, for obvious reasons. There’s a balance between flexibility and stiffness, and it kind of looks cool and modern too. Best of all, it comes with our legendary Lake cycling shoe comfort - being a part of the off-road family here, where we make the best cycling shoes in the world.

Yes, you can be wrapped in our legendary Lake cycling shoe comfort and still seek out the ultimate two-wheeled adventure. Whether you’re just looking for a great commuting shoe, or a trail riding technical masterpiece, that’ll give you that necessary flat pedal control and stability, the new Lake MX 201 will create smiles as wide as those muddied ‘Ard Rock enduro faces I saw this summer.

Getting close to grassroots cycling is a great way to stay grounded and focused, and we love looking at new ways to bring our Lake cycling shoe comfort and performance to more riders. Events such as ‘Ard Rock provide the ultimate tests for riders of all abilities, in an atmosphere of cool competition and fun. Let Lake keep your post-ride smiles shining widely. It’s time to take a look at this awesome offering for off-road riding - the new Lake MX 201 off-road adventurer shoe.

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