Wenn man eine solche Leidenschaft für den Radsport hat wie wir bei Lake, dann wird daraus eine lebenslange Leidenschaft. Es liegt uns im Blut, wir sind dem Radsport verschrieben.

We have spent hours riding in the trenches, enduring the pain and have graduated with honors from the school of hard knocks. We have studied the shape of thousands of feet pedaling billions of circles.

Designed and proven to be the most comfortable shoe in the peloton. You will not want to replace your worn out shoes, we hope you’ll want to just buy another pair from Lake.

Born in Evanston Illinois in 1982, Lake quickly became a household name for cycling shoes. As the sport grew in North America, so did the versatility and demand for more styles. The MXZ304 (winter boot) was created because of a very cold climate that hit Lake’s headquarters every year, the shores of Lake Michigan, where temperatures are quite possibly the coldest in North America.

Many other innovative designs have come from Lake’s shoe collections over the years. More recently Lake took cycling shoe comfort to a new level with the CX/MX 242 featuring a wider toe box and segmented panels to adhere to your unique foot shape.

Our pride has grown out of a simple fact, that we are first to market with many if not most new developments in cycling shoes.

Im Gegensatz zu den meisten Unternehmen auf dem Markt haben wir uns nicht davon ablenken lassen, in verschiedene Produktkategorien einzusteigen. Wir sind unserem Kernwert treu geblieben, nämlich den am besten passenden und hochwertigsten Radschuh auf dem Markt zu produzieren.