Creating shoes that fit: that's our specialty. With our size charts, shoe lasts and fit matrix, we think you can find the perfect shoe for your foot.

How to get the most out of our size guide.

We get it, sizing shoes online is hard. The best way, undeniably, to get the best fit is always to try the shoes on in person. With that in mind, if you have close access to one of our stores– see our store locator here –we recommend trying on a few pairs to hone in on your sizing.

Assuming you don't have access to a store, our guide here is the best way to ensure a good fit for Lake Cycling Shoes.


  1. Get an accurate measurement of your foot. Measuring Your Foot
  2. With an accurate measurement in hand, review our Sizing Chart.
  3. Want to go a little more in-depth? Check out our Fit Matrix, which helps you hone in on nuances about your foot relative to others.
  4. Finally, check out our Shoe Lasts that we use while modeling and producing our shoes. If you've worn Lake Cycling shoes in the past, this could be a great way to pick a shoe that you know will fit.

Disclaimer: This size guide is for reference and for best fit. Trial and error fitting may be necessary for proper comfort. Perfect sizing through online 2 dimensional sizing is not guaranteed. Shoe sizing is not a perfect science as we all have unique foot dimensions. These variables in foot shape are individual to each of us and may require sizing up or to a wider shoe. In some cases this is not easily measured without having in-person interaction.